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October 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

So much spiritual warfare has come in view these last 2 months.  I never was able to do another outreach to Hawabango in September due to the death of 2 babies in our church.  The first was the 3 month old baby of Pastor Jorim and his wife Tabitha.  Esline was their first (only) child.  This death has left a BIG question mark in their mind: WHY?  The next day, the 3rd born child of a faithful family in our church died.  This baby, who's name was Emil, was only 9 months old.  These two deaths left these 2 families with great sorrow and anguish of heart.  Please pray for Steven and Jenny as they push past this great trial of affliction.  It was the first time I ever had to build coffins, two boxes so small, for two babies so young.  We continue to comfort them and strengthen them in Christ Jesus, the Man of all comfort.

Going on into the second week of October, many people came to charge me for something I allegedly committed against them.  The story is too long to write it in one newsletter, but in short, men started a rumor that started on the 4th of September and came to a head on the 14th of October.  I had read a verse (John 8:41) at market (preaching) and some thought I said Mary (the mother of Jesus) was a harlot.  Instead of asking me if I believed what the Pharisees said (which I do NOT), they started a rumor saying I said what the Pharisees said (are you confused yet?).  Anyway, 40 days passed without ever finding out WHO was offended or WHAT offended them.  This RUMOR gathered almost 100 people who came on a set day to the Baptist church property.  The spokesman (Allen James) said he was personally offended by the RUMOR and demanded K17,000 and 17 pigs to say "sorry" in this Melanesian manner.  He stated he was coming on the behalf of ALL the Catholics in the 17 places near Kaintiba.  He, with a few other men who verbally attacked me, said if I do not say "sorry" in 2 weeks time, they will come and burn the church building down and "deport" our family.  (read the full story up till now:

We found out within a day these men and those with them did not have the authority to represent the Catholic church, nor have the ability to deport us.  Many Catholic leaders quickly responded against these men on our behalf, and Allen James is now ashamed of doing this.  There are still many other "uneducated" people that he stirred up that are angry with me because of what they think I said.  The day they have put forth to come claim their "free money" and "free pigs" is October 28.  This is the same day I will be walking 12 hours to preach at another Baptist Church in Tangama.  Please pray none will try to do damage to the church or cause the Helzerman family any harm while I am away.  Also, pray for me as I go on this outreach.....which my body does not want to do because of the long and dangerous mountain walk on a steep, one-man-road......although my spirit is already there as I prepare!  This church body is so hungry and thirsty for the word of God, and their Pastor, David, is a great Christian.

On November 9 our whole family will be going out to Kerema to be a part of the 25th anniversary of Charity Baptist Church.  This is where we started initially in PNG, and look forward to be reunited with many friends in the ministry. Please pray that God will provide all the extra expense involved flying out, going to Port Moresby to get our 2-month supply, renewing my passport/work permit, and the flights back to Kaintiba.  Thank you all who normally support us financially, and especially for those who PRAY.  Our Father has provided before, and He continues to do so month by month.  Although 2 churches in America have had to discontinue sending money this year, somehow we always have food and raiment.....therefore we are content.  We rejoice in the 3 young people that have been saved recently, and pray for them to come for baptism.  Pray for unity in our church, our family, and that we will be strong against these that have come against us.  Pray that our lives will count for Christ!!

Christi’s Corner: The dry season continues on and we give thanks for the little showers we get so that we can have good drinking water.  Our laundry water comes from the river now and I'm so thankful for my two teenage sons who help their daddy haul it here each day so that I don't have to go the river myself.  The four wheeler is a big help in doing this chore. 

I continue to do ladies meetings each month.  It seems I have a different crowd each time but I pray that whoever comes gets helped.  Teaching on the tongue today was convicting to myself and afterwards the ladies said to pray for them to have victory in that area as well.  I don't get to get out among the ladies as much as I'd like with homeschooling and household responsibilities so I am glad to be able to host these ladies' meetings once a month.       Thanks for your prayers for our family! 

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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