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October 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

Father has cared for us so much these last 2 months. Safety upon the roads and provisions along our way are miracles to be thankful for. We are so much the more dependent upon God for our every need, and we cast our care upon Him. I cannot express in words all my love for my Saviour.

Since we left Ohio, our family was able to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky. The older children really enjoyed to see it again, but for a few, it was their first time. This was a great Home School field trip for our family. Much work has gone into this museum to show the truth of the Word of God against our pagan society. I'm sure it is quite radical to the world view of many people. We serve a BIG God, Who has the answers to all our questions. Thanks be to Christ Jesus for men and women who are still willing to stand for righteousness.

From Kentucky, we drove to a supporting church in Lebanon, Missouri. Community Baptist Church has been so faithful in giving to us over the years now. Pastor Reeves allowed us to stay a few extra days so our family could do some home schooling.

We arrived in Bowie, Texas on Wednesday the 1st of October. Bro. Rex Cobb is the Director of Baptist Bible Translators Institute (BBTI), and he graciously made a place for us on the property. So these first 10 days of October were spent in (Northern) Texas following up a few meetings. Our family was able to report in 4 different churches during this time at BBTI. Morning Side Baptist Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, and East Side Baptist Church are faithful supporters and partners in Prayer.

Now, for this middle part of October, we are in the Houston area of Texas. We reported to Calvary Baptist Church in Conroe, Texas. We thank God for the faithful financial support of this church family. Bro. Mark Thrift allowed us to park our big rig at Parkwood Baptist Church for several days, and we were
able to attend some of Shady Acres Baptist Church missions meeting. Presently, we are at Garth Road Baptist Church in Baytown, Texas. Pastor Lamb and this church have been faithful in their care for our

We have one more meeting in Alice, Texas before we drive over to Pensacola, Florida. The last week of October, Christi and I will be flying to Alaska. Please pray for our safety in the flights as we report in two supporting churches in the "cold country". It will be Christi's first time in Alaska, and it will be sort of a (late) anniversary vacation. We appreciate those who have continued to pray for us.

Christi‚Äôs Corner:  I was blessed to be able to teach the ladies at BBTI this month--October. (BBTI is a 9 month school for linguistics and cultural training.) It was a blessing to share with them some thoughts the Lord gave me about some practical lessons from the mission field. I was also able to meet another family who will work near us in PNG soon, the Kyle Shell family. We are enjoying furlough but are also looking forward to getting back to PNG soon!

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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