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October 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

The week that we sent out our last newsletter I was in Port Moresby getting supplies.  Once again God supplied in amazing ways.  Some extra cash, a new pair of shoes, some gift boxes from overseas for the family…. The story continues when some men from Bethel Baptist Church in Port Moresby got together and hired a private vehicle to take me to Kerema.  I had already planned to go to Kerema in a PMV (Public Motor Vehicle) on Monday (August 26).  At Charity Baptist Church in Kerema I was to stay one night and Tuesday fly up to Kaintiba with the supplies.  Monday morning we (5 men and I) “took off” in a 5 door Land Cruiser made for the ‘Outback”.  We made it in a record 3.5 hours!  It was just in time to catch a flight a day early to be with my family.  What an amazing trip!

Having said this, last week (October 5) I went again to POM to get the next 2 months worth of supplies.  This time I went the “long way” first so I could fly directly back to Kaintiba.  On the Saturday I went to POM from Kerema, the PMV took 8 hours on the road.  It sure is weary to the flesh, but makes me appreciate the flight home.  Once again God provided some hand-full’s on purpose, even when only He knew the need.  Even the flight home to Kaintiba was without any weather problems or diversions.

The family is all well.  Some sickness has come through from time to time.  One in particular was to Christi: she got 3 kinds of sicknesses all in the matter of 2 weeks.  First it was “kus” (when the body is achy, fever, and chills).  When this subsided, Malaria came on.  This was the worst, but once she started the medication, it too finished in about 5 days.  Then lastly as the Malaria was fading out, Pneumonia set in…so on to some Antibiotics to complete this.  But God sustained us as He always has in all the trials we have faced.

Thank you all for your care in prayer.  This is more valuable than anything, for many times God has sustained us by this means.  For even when money was not able to reach us in time, God met the need by the hand of another He sent in your stead.  We also do thank those who on a continual bases send precious monies that is hard to come by sometimes.  The sacrifice that many have made to send us and support us here in this outpost is not forgotten.  The souls that have been saved and are starting to walk in this new Light will be the reward in Glory.  

Please pray for us as the Church here is starting to gather “bush” building materials for the church building.  My part will be to buy nails, the metal for the roof, and a water-tank.  This will help in supplying good drinking water for them.  This is a common way to get drinking water…from the rain! It is our goal to be breaking ground for this building the first week of January, 2014 as the supplies come in.

Christi’s Corner:  This month we were able to see our Hope (age 6) and a national boy, Jacob, graduate from kindergarten.  I homeschooled them both with the help of dvd school! 

Hope and Jacob both prayed on the last day of school to be saved!  They had been learning in Bible class about Jesus dying on the cross.  So I told them, “We have learned about Jesus but if you do not accept it for yourself it does you no good.”  Praise the Lord they understood that!

Hope was so excited to go into first grade that she started right away and is doing very well.  She often starts her school day the night before.   The rest of the children continue to plod away at their schoolwork not liking it quite as much as Hope.

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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