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October 2012
Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks be to God! The Lord provided the means to take the whole family to Wau. This was for the 50 year anniversary of the first Baptist church established in Papua New Guinea. It really was a big event and many were in attendance from various provinces. Sunday, September 16 (the last day of the meeting) was the PNG Independence Day…there were about 5,000 that came. I do think the feast afterwards helped bring out many of the local residents of Wau!

Overall, our family was refreshed both physically and spiritually. All of our children had a great time with the other missionary children, also. Much thanks to Gary Keck and Stan Rowe and their wives for hosting us. They went out of their way to prepare for our coming and the many hours preparing food to feed so many. Bro. Jim Blume was also a big help as ground crew to Matt Allen who brought our family in two flights both ways, and the several other flights he flew to get people there and back from the Gulf Province.

Kaintiba Baptist “Mission” is progressing slowly. God has allowed us to see our first true conversion, and she is already being a witness to others what God has done for her. Her name is Odette Benikato: she was orphaned at a young age and brought up in a Catholic Mission. Now, all of her children are grown and on their own, but she looks after two other youths that are relatives of hers. The past 2 Sundays she has had a testimony to give of how God is working in her life. Her husband is still not saved and also Catholic. His name is Rafael Benikato, and is a politician of sorts, so he is gone much of the time. Please pray for this family to be saved, and that “Mama Odette” would continue to be a testimony of God’s Salvation. The baptism of Odette is the next step we are praying for her. This will be a BIG step for her, and the first Bible baptism in Kaintiba.

One big prayer request concerning money is a flight with the whole family in February. Six of our 7 children need to have their Passports renewed. All have to be present and accompanied by their parents for this process. We have estimated the round trip cost will be about $5,000. We are praying that God would lay it on the hearts of those who might be willing to help as a one-time gift toward this upcoming responsibility. Thank you all who have faithfully prayed for us, and the many who send us monthly monies to sustain us here in PNG. Also a special thanks to Liberty Baptist Church who have bought Christi and me our first “real” mattress. They have given so much, often enquiring of our needs: several times giving towards our chartered flights to bring our supplies in. May God bless their great sacrifice and labor of love toward His servants!

Christi’s Corner: As Mark has already stated the new mattress is a blessing to us. The children have also been able to get thicker foam mattresses. These little things that seem so insignificant mean so much to us!

On the spiritual side, hearing the profession of the first convert here in Kaintiba among our church people has been such a blessing! Now if others will soon follow!

One thing I would like to do to help the ladies is to teach them to read in tok pisin. I have the course here . I am praying about the timing of starting a class.

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family
PNG Phone: 011-675-72310321


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