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October 2011
Dear Praying Friends,

As we mentioned in our last letter sent out at the end of August, Christi and I went up to Kaintiba for our 14 year anniversary. Bro. Matthew Allen flew us up to Kanabea first to go to his mission station in Kotidanga. The same day of our anniversary, Jorim Kimas and a young lady named Tabitha were married at Kodidanga Baptist Church which we were able to attend. This was this churches first Christian wedding. Jorim is the national pastor who I will be working with in the work in Kaintiba. Both he and I have a burden to see a new Baptist Church spring up in the mountains of the Gulf Province.

Christi and I really had a great time…three days without full responsibilities resting on us. We had a good rest and two days in Kaintiba letting Christi get her first view of the new challenges and joys in Kaintiba. Though it was a short time there, I saw a renewed interest overall by the local people in this large valley. The last evening of our time in Kaintiba, we invited as many who could or would come to our unfinished house. We were not able to feed them, but “storied” together for over an hour. It was a time to get to know some of the government workers or their wives. They had many questions that we were able to answer and set them at ease to some rumors going around. There was even one of a “white man” who was going into the caves and doing some sort of witchcraft. I suppose that was in relation to the first time I was able to go up to Kaintiba back in July. We found out later that they were confusing me with another Australian man that came in on the same flight!

Since our return to Kerema and the work at Charity Baptist Church, we have continued the preparations needed to fly supplies to Kaintiba for the house. Our whole family was able to go into Port Moresby in October, as we bought our regular food supplies. We also bought the generator and the glass and screen for the windows, along with a few other construction tools and materials. The last thing now is securing a chartered flight to bring the materials for the roof down to Kaintiba from Lae, and these other supplies up from Kerema. God led a man at our home church congregation to pay for the roof and the shipping of these materials. By the time the paper copy of this letter arrives to you, we should have all the supplies secured so far on site (in Kaintiba) and in use. I will be working on the house (Lord willing) from the 10th of November until the supplies are all used. Then I must wait for the next flight heading to Kerema…I have no idea when that will be. Pray with us as the Lord gives us the wisdom to set everything in order to accomplish this great work! Being in Kaintiba will put us close to people who have NEVER heard the Old Gospel Story! Thank you for praying for us and with us, as we know our labor is not in vain in the Lord. Our hope is in our God Who is Faithful: the One Who hath called us…Who also will do it!

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family
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