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October 2008
Dear Praying Friends,

Once again we send out this report of how the Lord is continuing His good work in the lives of His children. The last two months have been busy and full of much deputation work. In the recent meetings our family has been in, the appeal has gone forth that others too, will harken to the call of the Lord. As we see “the day approaching”, it is imperative that we continue to provoke one other to good works.

I am currently in Alaska while the rest of our family is in Pensacola, Florida. Christi has had the full care of the children for the last two weeks, as I have only been able to care for them in prayer from afar. Tomorrow (11/2/08) will be the last of four churches I have had the privilege to be with and present the ministry God has given to us in Papua New Guinea. (Soon I will be reunited with the family!) Every meeting here has been a blessing to be a part of and so much kindness was shown to me. It truly has been an encouragement to meet so many more people that love our God and seek to do His will.

Before I came up to Alaska, our family was a part of two mission conferences in Pensacola, Florida. In both of these churches we met two college age students who will soon be going over to Papua New Guinea on a short term mission’s trip. We pray their trip will be blessed of the Lord and that He will reveal to them more of His will for their lives. Both Christi and I remember the joy we had the first time going to PNG…of course we were there at separate times. I pray these two and the others that are going together with them will be greatly used of the Lord to minister to lost souls the Gospel. Not only this, but that also they would be an encouragement to our dear friends the John Allen family and to those that have been saved in that area.

With the sky miles we had earned by using our American Express card, I was able to fly to Fairbanks, Alaska for about $125. From there I flew up to Barrow for a mission conference with Calvary Bible Baptist Church. I have personally known Pastor Darryl Serino since 1999 and it was a blessing to see the work the Lord has given to him. From there I flew back to Fairbanks for the end of their mission emphasis month at Bible Baptist Church. There were families in both of these churches that were so gracious to me and went to great lengths to meet my needs. Thank you all for your kindness.

God also gave us an unexpected meeting with North Star Baptist Church in Fairbanks. This came about through a young couple from our home church that recently moved here (Fairbanks). They helped to arrange for me meet the pastor and this opened the door to present the work to the church. Praise the Lord for these unexpected blessings.

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family



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