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May 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

This letter is being written on the 3rd of May. We are looking back over the last two months and seeing what God has brought us through. This year has been the most spiritually challenging since our time in Papua New Guinea. It is really hard to describe it or to relay all the facets of it. One thing is sure, we have an adversary that has held control of this part of the world, and he is not happy to remove himself. Thank you for your prayer for us concerning this, for through the fervent prayer of the Righteous are these fortifications of the enemy destroyed.

Speaking of prayer, God provided three PNG national pastors to come to Kaintiba and labor with us about 6 days. These three men have a ministry of banding together and praying. They have a ministry of prayer and focusing on specific prayer "points", as we call them. Knowing and understanding the cultures here in Papua New Guinea, and knowing how Satan controls in certain ways here, their prayer partnership was a great blessing. Within two days, we could sense a real change in the pressure against us. We praise the Lord how He arranged all the details for their coming.....a month ago we did not even know these men and their ministry existed.

The beginning of the arrangement for these men to come, started with Samuel getting an eye infection in March. A Pilot (Christopher Clark, SIL) cared for Samuel for the days he was in Ukarumpa. The Clark family took care of Samuel well, for which we are thankful. It just so happened that the Clark family had already planned to come and spend a few days with us in Kaintiba on Resurrection Sunday weekend. Bro. Clark asked Bro. Tony, one of the 3 men before mentioned, to pray for Samuel concerning his eye infection, initially. Then, when the Clark family returned from their visit with us, Bro. Clark asked Bro. Tony to pray about the spiritual challenges we were facing. When Bro. Tony started praying for Kaintiba with the two other men, he felt a strong need to come and do some "hands on" ministry with us. We gladly excepted their offer, two weeks later (now April): they came and stayed for five days. It was a blessing to host both the Clark family in March, and these other men in the month of April. Both "teams" were a great blessing and encouragement in this great work we have in the service of the King!

Our monthly youth meeting for March and April were well attended, especially since so much emotional turmoil has been stirred up due to various troubles in the community. The Cark family participated fully in the March youth meeting. Bro. Clark gave the Bible lesson that went along with the "drama" they did.....acting out how rotten smelling our sin is to Christ (and those around us, too). The April youth meeting was directed by me, but Pastor Jorim gave the Bible lesson. He taught out of the book of Philemon, and showed how Christ has taken our place......Christ has put all our sin on His account!

To finish up this newsletter, I must close with the biggest blessings that have transpired these last two months. First, God healed Samuel from both an major eye infection, and later healed from a foot infection. Next, a few of our children made confession and got right with us, their parents. Then, best of all, this last Sunday (May 1), God saved the soul of a young woman that has attended a few times. The message that turned her to Christ was from Romans 8:35-39. She realized the Love of Christ is like a "fence", and will never leave us in our trials (and this woman has had many already). This thought turned her to the Love of Christ that constraineth us . It is wonderful to see how our God is working to break the power of Satan in Kaintiba and setting captives free.

Christi’s Corner: Our national pastor's wife, Tabitha, went to a preaching meeting with some of our church people. She was so excited by the things she had learned that she shared with our ladies last month at our monthly ladies meeting. This was a great blessing to me. She has always held back as she is shy and bashful. I have told her before that I'd be glad to let her speak; she only needed to tell me. I was so blessed by her desire to speak.

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, Serenity and Glory


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