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June 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

This is our newsletter for the months of May and June. Due to my delinquency, this is coming out late (now about 20 days)! The month of May was back to normal somewhat with our work here in Kaintiba. Market preaching during this month was quite intense. One young preacher (Obed) of the Seventh Day Adventist religion was offended, and asked me to come to his house to refute what I had preached that day. I ended up at his house 3 different days (11 hours total) to "reason" with him from the Bible. His senior pastor (Jonathan) joined in, but after 1 hour, he left angry and swearing at me. The Word of God that I was reading did not sit well with him, from the reaction he had. And if you know me, I am pretty laid back....even in the ministry side of things. It was not my intention to make him so angry. And to have him tell me to never come to his house again is really abnormal, especially for a Papua New Guinean.

Pastor Jorim went out to a pastors meeting around that same time, so I had more opportunity to preach to the church. This market preaching and church preaching gave me more time in the area of study. This extra study helped me in my next adventure......a 23 hour round trip walk-about. Since the last "patrol" we (Reese Parfitt, Titus, Samuel, and I) went on, it was my desire and what God had laid on my heart to do: walk to a place called Tangama. Tangama is in the Morobe Province----bordering Kaintiba, Gulf Province. From Tawa (where we had gone before) Tangama is a much easier walk, but we could not fit it into the schedule before Christi went out to have Glory (our new baby). So to walk to Tangama direct from Kaintiba is how I had to go, but could not go by myself without the help of a guide. One Christian brother (Yonias) found out I had been praying to go, and volunteered to walk with me. He said some of his extended family lived over there, and he had not been to see them for several years. So we set the time to go and set forth to strengthen a Baptist Church that has been built up there for many years.

Since the Digicel Cell Phone service was off in the Tangama area, we were not able to call Pastor David and let him know we were coming. We set out Friday, May 15 early in the morning...and arrived to Tangama, tired, WET, and hungry around 7:30p.m. For Pastor David and his wife, it was a pleasant surprise and they cared for us well. To make a long story short, 4 ladies were saved and the church was encouraged. They had been going through a hard time spiritually, and to see a "white man" struggle to come all that way helped them.....according to Pastor David. David has laboured many, many years to grow this church body of believers. They are first generation Christians, just growing slowly with the little light they have been given. (Our walk back was only 11 hours, with NO rain!)

June 1st, Samuel and I went to POM to buy supplies and a solar hot water heater. Another BIG item we bought was a chainsaw to use to cut timber to make lumber. This past week we were able to build a small shelter building with the first fruits of this endeavor. The timber work has slowed because of the lack of a hardware store close by. We are waiting for another chain (for crosscutting) to be flown to us soon. Pray this will be a profit to the ministry Also, pray with us about some LARGE upcoming expenses. Import fees for a Quad we shipped from the USA, along with the cost to fly it and other things we shipped on a sea container of JAARS (Wycliffe Bible Translators shipping).

Christi’s Corner: The highlight of the last 2 months for my daughter Tabitha (17) and myself was assisting/attending the birth of our national pastor's wife's first baby. It was great experience for Tabitha who desires to further her education in nursing to be a help and a blessing over here in the medical field. Medical help here in Kaintiba is limited. Kaintiba has a staffed clinic but the healthcare workers level of training is lower than an LPN. Tabiitha has also had the privilege of assisting in prenatal checkups. She enjoys this and is learning hands on. I am thankful for the chance she has to do this. Other than that its business (school business that is) as usual. Yes , we continue though the summer as we didn't get as much done on furlough as needed.

For His Glory (and much more to say),
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity, and Glory


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