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June 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

Every day here in Kaintiba we see the harsh reality of the affects of sin. Toil, pain, sickness, and hardship are only a few words to describe how sin has affected all mankind. It is evident for sure here, as well. On the 3 market days of the week, we go to buy some food the people have grown in the gardens. Sometimes I preach, other times I just sit with them and listen to them talk. Many are groping and grasping for some hope, trying to find some meaning for their life here on this earth. There are some that think that since they are of a certain religion they will be alright. Others have been taught if they follow the Law, all will be well with them and God. Yet, we find the guilt of sin is still remaining, and so they struggle on without true Hope.

With this being said it is a great privilege to be among the thousands of God’s children to be relocated to a place where the need is so great. Probably 99% of these Hamtai people have never read the Bible one time through in their life and most have never read the Bible at all. When they do attend a church, whatever the preacher preaches is “God’s Word” to them. They cannot verify if what they have been told is from the Bible. They cannot search the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so. What has been translated in their language is far from being complete, even after 60 years of diligent work. How do they verify it when their pastor tells them if they get baptized a second time (re-baptized) God will be angry with them? What defence do they have when they cannot stand strong on the Bible and put their faith in a Strong Foundation?

This is only the first part: the second part is that most are still holding onto their old way of thinking religiously. As we say in Tok Pisin – tumbuna: the stories that have been passed down to them word of mouth from their parents and grandparents. Most of these stories are fables that do not agree with God’s Word, even though they get intermingled with true Bible stories. So, now to change this in their mind is almost impossible, unless God does a miracle in their lives through genuine salvation. Our prayer and ultimate desire in our ministry here is to use the Word of God in every situation, to show them God has an answer to every question we have in this life. Our Gospel is NOT a “white man’s” religion…it is the Word of God to all mankind. God wants our world views to become His world view.

So, we see a great work has been set before God’s people. We do not lose hope, because it is God’s Word that does the work. We only have to preach it and let God give the increase. Just like the 2 girls that Tabitha has been doing Bible studies with. Even though they are not allowed to come to the Baptist church on Sunday, the Word of God found a place in their heart. God worked conviction in (It shot their heart--as they put it) and at their own houses, on separate days, accepted Christ as their Saviour. What a blessing to see God work in mysterious ways. What an encouragement to see how God can and does work through His children.

Christi’s Corner: We are excited in our house to have visitors coming!! Two ladies are coming to join us in the work while they are on their Summer Break. One of the ladies is named Angel. We jokingly wander if our people will think it is an Angel from Heaven! J The other lady is a school teacher (my Aunt Deb) and will be a great help in the home-schooling. We are excited that both of these ladies will see first-hand the work God has given to us. We love having visitors, so if anyone is interested in coming to visit, come on! See the mission field first hand. It is expensive, but well worth it!

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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