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June 2011
Dear Praying Friends,

Our travels here in the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea have been mixed with blessings and burdens. The 3rd verse of Amazing Grace comes to mind..."Through many dangers toils and snares I have already come...” God's grace has been sufficient through every test, trial, and tribulation. Our family has gone through one just recently and without the care of Father it could have even been the hazard of great bodily harm to one of our children.

Christi and I have given all our children back to God as Hannah and are trying to set their hearts aright. We covet your prayer and petition before our Saviour for His protection and provision through our every situation. As the light of the glorious Gospel goes forth, we have seen a great bombardment of physical and spiritual attacks in our ministry here. Please pray that as the power of Satan's control over these people is rolled back, that our God would be glorified and our spiritual life would be strengthened.

In the midst of all these things, we remember the Scripture that says: "The joy of the Lord is my strength..." I am thankful that Father always gives us a song in the night! We rejoice in the three young men God has given in our care to teach Bible Doctrine to. If you could remember these three men's names: Sege, Kevin and Eric. These three young men are constantly looking for a new doctrine found in the Bible (new to them, that is). They are like dry sponges soaking up the Word of God. In exchange for the Bible Lessons, they are helping me (Mark) to learn Pidgin.
Although Satan has a stronghold here in Kerema, it is a great joy to see the power of our God break through the darkness and lost sinners come into the LIGHT. This past Saturday (June 25), I and three other men from Charity Baptist Church were able to lead two young men to Christ. Both of these came out to church on the next day and both ask for a Bible. Even one of these (Joe Peter) has begun to show a real interest in the things of the Lord. Please pray for them as they grow for God.

Christi is often an interpreter to me in our daily communication with those that do not speak English well. English is a primary language here in Kerema, but in Kaintiba, Pidgin will be the language that must be known for us to communicate in a basic fashion to the people. May our Lord grant us success in all these exciting adventures!

Christi’s Corner: While at the airport seeing our dear missionary friend, Bro. John Gray’s return, our 3 year old, Hope says to me, “He’s here?” “Yes, he is right there,” as I point to him. She says, “He’s white!” in surprise. Oh the joys of watching children begin to understand all the aspects of missionary life in a foreign country!

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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