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June 2009
Dear Praying Friends,

Our family is sending out this special edition this month to once again thank all of you for your continued prayer and support as we wait in the wings for our departure time. We greatly appreciate those that have sent us funds to continue raising support. As I mentioned before, we sent documents to Papua New Guinea last September. As soon as we get the green light from them, we will begin the process here at the Embassy in Washington, DC. Our ultimate goal is a renewable 3-year visa.

Christi is due to be delivered with our seventh child in mid-August. As her nesting instincts kick in, we are looking for a place near our home church area for her to rest up for the birth. Inclusive of this, is the situation of transitioning out of our trailer. We are not sure what God has in store for us, but our trust is in Him. Please pray with us that our way would be made clear and directed by our Lord. “He knoweth the way I take…”

Once again I am reminded of all of you that have been praying for us and of the safety of the Lord. On June 30, our family was traveling near Columbus, Ohio when a semi driver nearly pushed us off the road. I was able to avoid him by only inches because of the construction zone we were in. Even in the situation two days earlier when a tire blew out on the trailer, God allowed it to be near an exit so I could safely pull off and change it. It is He that sustains us day by day.

For you that are young and maybe think you are not experienced enough to do anything for God, this thought is for you. God began to open up doors for me when I was a young teenager. There was a bus to ride on to pick up children for church (and to sweep it out when they made it dirty)…a nursing home for the elderly to sing and preach to…a lawn to mow to make some money to give to missionaries around the world. These are just a few ways how a person can begin to fulfill their Christianity. As you read the Bible and seek God in prayer, He will guide your imagination and creativity to publish the glad tidings near and far.

We covet your prayers. Christi and I need wisdom from above to do all things necessary to accomplish God’s will in our family. Manifold blessings Christ hath bestowed upon us through you all. We greatly appreciate all your care in prayer and the support is invaluable. It is indeed a sacrifice of love which we offer to our sweet Saviour.

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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