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July 2017

We do appreciate your patience to get this newest Newsletter.  It is coming to you all later than I had anticipated.  The last report was sent a few weeks before we left Papua New Guinea, and now we have been in the USA two months already.  We arrived into Rochester, New York on the 30th of May.  Jet-lag took about five days to wear off...then we were off running in preparation for Tabitha's wedding.  In the midst of that, we took a quick trip to the Word for the Word Baptist Ministry's annual meeting.  We had not been able to be a part of that "family" reunion since 2010.  It was a sweet time and Christi and I were able to see many friends from years gone by.  The support and help WFTW has been to the Helzerman family is not measurable.  So many times Bro. Rudy (the Director) was able to get money into PNG in a timely fashion.

Also during that trip, Titus and I (Mark) were able to check up on Samuel, who had come back to the States earlier than the rest of the family.  He is doing well and growing in the Lord.  Concerning the problem that arose against our family (and Samuel in particular) in Papua New Guinea has been resolved and all was back in order before we left.  Father cared through us all during this trial of our faith.  "Front line" missions is the cutting edge of the Lord's Work, and we are not ashamed of the wounds it often brings.  To glorify Christ is the goal in all we do...both at home and abroad. 

Thank you all who helped to support us and send extra money for us to purchase the tickets to return to the USA.  Our furlough will be about 12 months, and Lord willing we return early Summer next year.  Please pray for the members and those who attend Tok Tru Baptis Sios (Truth Baptist Church).  There is still so much work to do to grow and mature this baby Christians.  There are also more souls to be won for the Glory of God.  Each one of the members of our family (including the children) have a job in this work.  We pray this furlough will give us more of a vision of how Father can use SINNERS to win other SINNERS to the SAVIOUR!

Our goals this furlough have already started coming to pass.  The first was to see our first child/first daughter to remain pure until her wedding day.  That day came on July 7, 2017.  She was married to Caleb Wilson, who also had purposed to stay pure for his wedding day.  Our desire was accomplished for the Glory of God.  They have continued on the deputation trail to head to Papua New Guinea.  It will be a joy to us to see them arrive in PNG in the next year or so.  

Another goal while in the States is to raise more financial support.  If I was asked how much percentage we have been functioning on these last 6 years, I would have to say about 75%.  Even so, Father has always sustained us in the "hard" times....when we had just the basic needs supplied.  We have no complaints, but only so many stories how Father provided when it seemed to us there was no way.  Even stories of how He supplied when we did not know we needed anything.  Those special "hand-fulls-on-purpose" will be forever etched upon our minds and reminders to the Helzerman children that our God will also supply for them in these perilous days we are living in.

There are so many things in these days that are pointing to a SOON return of Christ.  We cannot slack up or quit; it will be worth it to hear a "Well done, thou good and faithful servant"  by our Redeemer.  Keep on going!  The Saviour has His hands out stretched still.  Christians still have an influence, as long as we are the "salt of the earth".   Keep being SALTY!

If you would like our family to stop in a give a report or if you would like have us in for a meeting (or a coffee), you can email me or call at (585) 736-8359.  Christi also has a phone, and she can be called at (585) 743-7331.  Christi does updates on facebook, also.  You may have been keeping up with us via this avenue already.  We do covet your prayer.  Thanks again for all those who have given and prayed for the work we are doing in PNG.  Christ Jesus is worthy of all we are doing in this mission work! 

Christi’s Corner: One down, 7 to go!  One child trained, raised and married!  Our part of her training is finished.  We are blessed that she is married to a missionary and heading to PNG!  It was a beautiful wedding.  The wedding dress Tabitha wore was worn by me 20 years prior. It was also my mom's worn by her 42 years prior in its original state.  It was an honor that she chose to wear that dress as well!  Pray that this couple will glorify God in their lives.

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, Serenity and Glory


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