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January 2011
Dear Praying Friends,

Having begun on the deputation trail, I have found out and realized even more how important prayer is. The growth of my prayer life has been a blessing, for with this has grown my relationship with the Lord. Passages from the Bible have come to life and taken on new meaning than before. We pray that you would “wrestle” with us with “all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.”

This first paragraph was taken from the first newsletter we sent out to family and friends. We had not even been approved to be with Word For The World Baptist Ministries yet. God had already approved us and our home church had sent us forth. At the time that we were able to join up with Word For The World (June 2005), God had directed us to go to Baptist Bible Translators Institute in Bowie, Texas. This was 9 months of training in linguistics and other important aspects of missions abroad. It was invaluable time spent for our work in PNG. Christi and I highly recommend this school to any of God’s servants.

We started out on full time deputation in the early summer of 2006 pulling a 32’ travel trailer with our one ton Chevy Express van, with 5 children. (We have had two more children since.) We drove that van over 150,000 miles before we had to consider buying another (in 2010). This van had about 310,000 miles by the time we purchased the vehicle we have now. God has given us many traveling mercies!

Our first official survey trip to the specific area in Papua New Guinea was in the summer of 2007. The Lord has directed us to start a Baptist Church in the government station of Kaintiba in the Gulf Province. God gave me another time to go this past summer to Papua New Guinea for two months. It was hard being away from the family, but God blessed the sacrifice and gave us a house in Kaintiba to begin a “Baptist Mission” (as stated by the government officials). This house is in need of many repairs, and God has begun to supply the means to make it a functioning building for His Glory. He doeth all things well!

During the time I was in Papua New Guinea this past summer, we were informed that our applications we submitted in November of 2008 had been “lost”. No one disclosed this information until further inquires were made. So, the last six months have been a process of redoing applications. The immigration office in Port Moresby has them now, but because of the amount of children/applicants that are involved, it is taking longer to process. Our latest plan was to leave in mid- February, but the earliest we will be able to go now is in March. Pray with us that this will come together in God’s time. We are in His care.

Pray For:

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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