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February 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

As I write this newsletter to you all, it is the 5th of March. This year is already marching by and Father has kept us in His care. In spite of the spiritual battles that we are engaged in, we are not cast down. We pray often for you all at the home front, and with every prayer, that you will stand fast in this good fight of Faith. Be not discouraged, for the same God we read of in the Bible is our steadfast and sure Confidence. Outside of this we have no other. It is He Who sustains us in every trial and temptation. As we see the darkness of the midnight rolling in, look up and listen for the voice of our Bridegroom.

Having this in mind, we look up, for our Redemption draweth neigh, and we look out to see the gleanings to gather for our Great God. Let this be our focus, that we may be good ambassadors of our King, that those around us may see Christ in us. We must continue to preach in the highways and HEDGES that the heathen may see the Glory and Grace. The hedges is where the Helzerman family are representing the finished Work of the Wonder of Wonders. Sometimes when it is time for me to stand on the big rock at the Kaintiba market, I think: "Is this even working? Is anyone even listening?" Then I am reminded, it "pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe." Had it not been by preaching, I too, would be lost. Please pray that my preaching would be clear and understandable to the hearers and that these hearers will yield to the Righteousness of the Redeemer. It is my prayer Christ will be glorified in my preaching, and that souls will be saved from the Wrath to come.

It blesses my soul to see Titus (our son) starting to follow in this same effort to bring Glory to God. On the Friday market day he comes and preaches, also. In this he started willingly without me asking him to come and labour in the Fight at hand. Because all my children inherited such a wicked sin nature from their parents, it a glory and refreshing the times we can see the Holy Spirit shining forth in such a manner as this. Pray Titus will continue to mature in this area and that Samuel will catch the vision to enter this great Work. We pray all the Helzerman children will set their vision on High and seek the things that Glorify God. We pray their parents (especially me) will be the Example of the Believer in word (what we say), in conversation (what we do/what we wear), in charity (what is our attitude), in spirit (joined with the Holy Spirit), in faith (what is our doctrine), in purity (clean before God). This is a great challenge in this day of relativism, even in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. The wickedness of the "western world" has permeated to the far corners of this country that Father has called us to. Hence, the fruit that was so abundant in the 80's and 90's in PNG, is now in the gleaning time. The wild seeds planted by the Adversary have taken a strong hold, and we seek to gather the gleanings. Yet, so many hearts have been hardened by religion and confusion besets them.
We do appreciate your care and prayer as we labor among these shy peoples hiding here in these rugged mountains of the Gulf Province. Pray that the work here will grow abundantly this year as we continue in the calling. We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and we strive to the Battle at hand against spiritual bondage that has taken captive the souls of men.

One last prayer request: Christi (with the baby) and Tabitha plan to go to the USA for Tabitha's high school graduation at the end of May. We seek the wisdom of Father for the arrangements of all the details and the added expense. Also, that we will be at peace to not be able to go as a whole family for such a milestone Tabitha has reached in her life. We seek the will of the Father for her own personal life as the Lord continues to direct her path through her parents. We need wisdom for these new adventures of life that come one by one.

Christi’s Corner: January we took off from our monthly youth meeting and ladies meeting. February's youth meeting and ladies meeting went well. We had 57 young people. My ladies meeting is much smaller scale. I had 6 ladies. Two were not regular attendees to our church. One lady, Florence, is a leader in the Catholic Church. I pray that she sees the truth before it's too late!

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, Serenity and Glory


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