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February 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

This first letter for the year comes with good news about our work visas to be in Papua new Guinea.  Our visas have been successfully renewed until the year 2016.  It could have been extended until 2017, but my passport expires in 2016, so the renewal could not exceed that date.  So, in 2016 we will look to apply for a permanent residency visa.  The government of Papua New Guinea is now giving mission workers this opportunity after the applicant has been in the country for  5 years or more.  For now, we are thankful that God has allowed the visa renewal to be accepted by the Immigration of PNG.

We are also now praying and planning a furlough in June of this year.  As we consider this, we seek God's timing for this.  When our family was ready to fly to PNG, God provided the money for the tickets (almost over night) to fly here.  Now this is what we mean by "timing".  Since we have been sent here by our Lord, we seek Him for His will concerning this.  We certainly do have mixed emotions: to stay longer will be for the benefit of the ministry here in Kaintiba.  On the other hand, to come see all of you who have helped us in this work will encourage your hearts.  So, we put it all in the Father's Hands: we know His way is best.

The first Monday of March we plan to start building the "bush" church building.  During this month of February, all the materials we will use to build this building came down the mountain.  The jungle holds some really good strong wood for this first building.  Upon our return from furlough, we would like to bring a sawmill to use to build a larger and permanent building.  For now, this is what the church body is able to do.  It has been a joy to see them supplying the materials for this building through their own giving.  Much of what they have been learning the last 2 years is all new to them.

The place the church building will be constructed is now a usable piece of ground.  Before it was a marshy place of water coming out of the side of our mountain.  It has taken many hundred man-hours of digging with shovels and moving the wet clay with a wheel barrow.  Diverting the water has been a challenge!

March 26, I (Mark) will be flying down to Kerema (the "capital" for the Gulf Province) to meet with the Lands Officer.  It has been about a year now since we made payment and application for this land.  The yearly "fee" is due and we pray to find out more of the application process.  This is in regard to the 2 pieces of land and 2 old government houses to be used for this ministry.  The one house is unoccupied, but needs to be repaired to be used as a school class room and staff housing.  Please pray that the Provincial Administrator will grant us the use of this house for the expanse of our ministry.

Christi‚Äôs Corner: As the wife and helpmeet, this building project for me means cooking for groups of men.  I am thankful that I enjoy cooking.  A group came down from another bush church to help level the ground and I (with my girls help) cooked for 10 men.  When they start building the building, more men will be coming to help us.  The payment for them will be plenty of food to eat!  The girls and I will be busy preparing meals as our way to help in the church building!  We are thankful to be able to help in this way!!

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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