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February 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

“Prayer is the KEY to the door of Heaven, but faith OPENs the door”. This is a phrase from a song I heard many years ago, and have come to know it is true. These last two months have been filled with putting our God to the test. The first prayer that God answered was 3 persons submitted themselves for baptism. We announced the day the baptism would be in 2 weeks, and throughout those 2 weeks, as well. Our oldest child (Tabitha) was the only one who said she needed to be baptized so far. Now, the Sunday morning we were to baptize, Kevin came for baptism (he was the first soul that was saved while we were in Kerema). He was one of 2 national people I had been praying specifically to be baptized. As I was baptizing Kevin, the second one (Odette Benikato) came right down into the river to be baptized! As we had been walking down to the water, God asked her “Why not you?” It was also a joy to have my father-in-law (Cliff Taylor) to have a part in this joyous day and enter into this glorious work during this time of “first fruits”.

The next major prayer that was answered was our trip into Port Moresby (POM) to renew our seven children’s US Passports. We had already started the planning, preparation, and prayer for this in October of last year (2012). Now the time was approaching with only enough money to fly (one way) to the POM. When we received the monies from January support, God had given enough to fly round trip to POM, but no monies for housing, supplies, Passport renewals, car rental, or food for meals for 6 days. Everything was ready for the flights, and we could not back out now. How was God going to supply all of this for us? Our praying quickly turned into fasting and praying, with only 4 days until the SIL plane would come and get our family. Well, Monday came (February 4) and we were in the air flying to POM, at the same time Liberty Baptist Church in Michigan, the people were deciding to send us special offering of $4,250. It was after we landed at Jackson Airport in Port Moresby, I received an email from Pastor Austin, letting us know. By Wednesday, we had all that was needed to fulfill all of our commitments and responsibilities.

Another added blessing that was added on to this was the arrival of the Parfitt family from our home church. They had been planning to come during the time we were in POM so we could help them get another flight to visit us in Kaintiba for about 11 days. They had brought so many extra “handfuls on purpose”, including a full school year of school books for our children. Their time in New Zealand before they came to Papua New Guinea, had allowed them opportunity to buy some of our supplies at a lower price than we would normally pay here in PNG. Then, of course, Mrs. Parfitt would not let us reimburse her for what she bought! Some may think it is impossible to survive in PNG with such a large family, but we see once again, “Where God guides, He provides”. Also, thanks to the Sgambato family who gave $750, which was the exact amount of the Passport fees! I did not even know how much it was going to be until the day we had them done. Only through PRAYER!

Christi’s Corner: To read a few more details of our POM trip I wrote about it on my blog:

I was blessed to be able translate for Jamie Parfitt. (She is a widow whose husband died as a result of a car accident in Dec. 2010.) She gave a testimony to our youth and spoke at our first ladies meeting. The ladies responded well to her teaching on submission to their husbands. Now we plan to have ladies’ meetings once a month.

As always it seems space runs out to tell anything in detail. I plan to write more on my blog at the above address so you can check there if you’re interested in details. J

Blessings to all and heartfelt thanks for all your prayers and support!

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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