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February 2012
Dear Praying Friends,

Upon the completion of our work we were able to do on the house in Kaintiba, Titus and I safely returned to Kerema (with Kevin Akia). We sent out an E-mail update about the events (more at, but now I will relate some of it again in this current newsletter for all those that are not on our E-mail list yet. We would like to include you on our list if you are interested: it is Just drop us a note and we will add you. Thanks.

Well, back to the exciting time in the mountains of Kaintiba: It was a success!! We put forth a great effort in Prayer and Perspiration and finished several great tasks to secure the house in Kaintiba for our family to move and live in this Gulf Province government station. About a ton of supplies came from Goroka to Kaintiba, and then over a ton of supplies from Kerema went back to Kaintiba. The pilot then took a load of coffee back to Goroka to complete his round trip. The coffee was a help to reduce our overall cost to only about $3,000 for the flight.

Now, came the great effort to properly use all the building materials by Friday, January 20. We arrived on January 9, and desired/prayed to leave January 20. Ten days later and over 300 man hours of labour, our building materials were exhausted and so were we! A new metal roof and many other important interior reconstructions God gave His servants the ability to complete. Although there is yet to do to make the house more “comfortable”, we look to move the entire family there on April 17. We already have another chartered flight scheduled for this date and have been busy in preparation to fly more building materials as we relocate to Kaintiba. Please pray with us about all these details.

You may say, “Is it worth it?” or “All this for what?” Yes, all this to put us in a place and possession to be a hand extended for our Great God. Is not Christ worthy to have His name preached to ALL men? Christ gave His ALL that these too, may have the same opportunity to have salvation offered freely. For sure there have been many challenges that we will never be able to relate in our newsletters, but our God is Faithful and True to His Word. In all our difficulties, our family has seen so many “miracles” that are reminders that Father cares for us and wants his best for His children.

Currently, we are completing our internship here in Kerema (Gulf Province). Charity Baptist Church has been a good place to learn so many valuable lessons Christi and I will be able to use in our new adventure. Bro. John Gray has allowed us to use a house, preach, and minister to the church that God has given to him here. In all this, God has allowed us to enter into the labour here during a difficult time in Bro. John Gray’s life (the death of his wife, Mary). “For such a time as this” rings in my ear as I think on these things. Before, it seemed as if we would never get to Papua New Guinea, but now I see (in part) why it took “so long”. Our Great God was sustaining us for this perfect time.

Christi’s Corner: Please pray for the Mahia Family…Mark and I visited this family recently. The wife, Maggi, just gave birth to their 7th child, 5 days ago. The Lord really spoke to my heart not just about their spiritual need, although that is needed as the family is lost, but also about my need to be thankful for what I have. You see, they have a shack they live in. It has only a partial roof, and partial walls. Not to mention, it is smaller than the van we used on deputation. I asked her what happens if it rains. She says “We get wet!” I am so blessed. I have a roof over my head and plenty of food to eat. They have to scrounge for food to feed their 7 children every day!! Thank you, Lord for your blessings on me!!

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family
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