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December 2017

This furlough has been quite different than the last one in 2014.  With the fast changing times, children growing older, and Tabitha getting married, Christi and I are in a transitioning era.  Even though Glory is only (almost) 3 years old, Titus is nearly done with High School.  We pray for wisdom as we guide him in furthering himself in what God will lead him to do.  Samuel is back with us now, and he is getting readjusted in his place in the ministry.  We praise the Lord for the help he gained while at the Maynard's.  We continue to pray that Samuel will grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord as he follows his parents in this great work that is upon us.  

In October, Christi, Titus, Glory and I were able to visit 5 churches in Alaska.  This was a good time for Titus especially, to survey some areas there for potential ministry, which is a desire of his.  Over all, it was a great trip and several extra monetary gifts toward the ministry in Kaintiba.  Bible Baptist in Fairbanks paid for all our expenses while in Alaska, plus some money toward the maintenance of our solar system.  Calvary Bible Baptist in Barrow gave more to purchase new batteries, new solar panels, and a 12v freezer.  These two extra gifts will increase the energy we can utilize from the sun.  There may even be enough money to purchase a good generator also.  If not, Father will provide.

November 4th we returned to Florida to reunite with the other children.  Hadassah, Grace, Hope and Serenity had spent those 3 weeks with my sister Christi and brother-in-law James Dare II.  Sunday, the 5th of November, I preached at Victory Baptist Church in Milton, Florida.  It was great to see some good friends/family that attend this church.  Pastor Tim Fellure called us later and said they had voted to start supporting us.  This was the first church that Father directed to start supporting us financially, and I know they have been praying for us many years already.  We also reported to a supporting church in Pensacola....Smyrna Baptist, the next Wednesday.  

Another great blessing was being able to see our dear friends at Cornerstone Baptist in Carthage, Tennessee.  Pastor Ron Ralph and the church family have been giving toward the PNG ministry since 2008.  We are thankful for their faithfulness and the extra LARGE gift they gave.  They put money toward 2 of our 9 tickets we will be buying to return to Papua New Guinea.  Pray for the McDonald family who will be sent out of this church in January to help the Matt Allen Family in Port Moresby temporarily.   Bro. Collin is an airplane pilot, and may some day fly in the Gulf Province.

Most of December we have been enjoying the fellowship of our home church family.  It has been so many years since we were able to have a part in the liveliness of Old Paths Bible Baptist Church.  Four of our girls have been able to get some piano lessons from Naomi Parfitt.   We pray this will be an avenue of ministry they will continue to pursue  for the Glory of God.  It is an encouragement to see the children increase in understanding and spiritual knowledge.  

Lord willing, I will be taking a short trip into PNG the 3rd and 4th weeks of January.  Christi will be with my parents in Riverdale, Michigan during this time.  Pray that the time with our people will be profitable.  We pray to encourage the infant church and the young Christians to mature.  Over 7 months have passed since I have been with them....our whole family is homesick to be there in our place.  Lord willing, this summer (2018) will be the time to return.                                                                                                    

Christi’s Corner: "Mom, when is it going to be spring?  I'm freezing!"  I replied that winter is just getting started here in NY.  The woes of a tropical missionary kid in the cold climate of NY!  Although they don’t like the cold they sure have enjoyed being together with their cousins at Christmas time.   We had two Christmas celebrations with the two sides of my family.  We had 42 at one celebration and 28 at the other.  With the exception of some fighting winter colds, a fun time was had by all!!   It is 90 degrees colder than Kaintiba....0 degrees is COLD!

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, Serenity and Glory


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