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December 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

Wow, the year 2015 is finished! This November/December report is coming several days late. The "computer" on my Blackberry phone crashed the last week of December and it was the primary way to send out our newsletter email to get the hard copy sent out. Now we are trying with a different manner. Thank you all for your care, prayer, and support. This month's support showed several Christmas gifts in the form of monetary value. These "hand‐fulls‐on‐purpose" will be a great help and do show your concern for our work in the jungle of Papua New Guinea.

The last outreach was to Tangama in November, and God gave me great walking weather. We made it in only 8 hours! That was a record for me, since the last time the walk time was 12 hours. Some men had repaired part of the "road", so in those areas we made good walking time. It was worth the walk, because 1 lady was saved and many Christians were encouraged. God has blessed Pastor David and his 20+ years of hard work to start this work from nothing has increased. These first generation Christians are hungry for the Word of Truth in the midst of all the deceit they have been accustomed to.

Upon my return back to Kaintiba, I found the family well and the church building still standing strong. Those that threatened to burn the church building down have come to shame and have avoided showing their face to me. All their accusations have been found fraudulent and without any strength. We do thank God for His protection and our little Baptist Church is still continuing on for the glory of God.

Although the physical side of this ministry is still in order, there have been many spiritual attacks. We pray often for the power of Satan to be bound. It is really hard to explain, but we do know that we have a great adversary that is opposed to righteousness and the Truth of the Word of God. This Great Light that we hold forth is a joy for some and a terror to many others. Please pray for our spiritual wellbeing and that all efforts to destroy this great work will be cast down. Pray also God will give us discernment to see where these wiles of the Devil are coming from and be able to stand against them. There are so many here in these mountains that are confused in their minds concerning the Gospel, and have not the peace of God in their souls.

This last week of December our family directed the very first ever Vacation Bible School in Kaintiba. I will let Christi give you more of the details. It was a new challenge for us in several ways, but a great experience for us all. Please pray for these young people as they consider again the ONE DOOR into Life Everlasting!

Christi’s Corner: Our baby, Glory, has reached mobility.....she's crawling! With the enjoyment of her reaching that milestone comes new challenges to keep her safe and contained. I'm glad for the extra hands of her siblings.

Our VBS was so much fun to plan and carry out. We have never been in charge of one before so it was new to us in that way. Our theme was "Come into the Ark". Our theme song was, "One Door and Only One". Mark preached messages pointing Christ as the door using the analogy of the ark. He and the boys (with our national helper, Kevin) did skits about it as well.

As well as VBS we have had the privilege of hosting, our friend, Abigail Craft. She has been a help and blessing to us for two months and is soon leaving to go back to the states. This is always sad for us. So we wonder, who will be the next one to come visit us? Will it be you? 

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, Serenity and Glory


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