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December 2011
Dear Praying Friends,

The Lord has given to us so many special memories to reflect on through this newsletter. This year (2011), marked the year of our arrival into the country of Papua New Guinea. How exciting it was to see the door finally open after so many years of unexpected challenges and delays. Without a doubt God meant it all for good, especially since PNG is “The Land of the Unexpected.” This is reality here in New Guinea! As we mentioned in our last newsletter: ‘By the time the paper copy of this letter arrives to you, we should have all the supplies secured so far on site (in Kaintiba) and in use.’ This did not fall out as planned, because the company that I was to use for this flight “bumped” us to “another date.” Finally, at the beginning of December, they gave us a new date: January 9, 2012! So, once again we say “Lord willing” it will come to pass. Please pray with us concerning this. It has now been 3 months since I have been able to do work at the house in Kaintiba. Even the purchase and transporting of the supplies to the Goroka airport is out of my hands.

As we continue to “reflect” on all the great things God has done with our family the last 10 months, I thank the Lord for Kevin Akia. Kevin was saved about 3 months ago (as I mentioned before), and has been a diligent disciple of the Bible. Even though he has only been through grade 7 in school (he is about 20 years old), Kevin is an avid reader and has been studying many different subjects and reading many of the books in our family library. I have been praying that God would call him to preach. When I go up to Kaintiba on the 9th of January, Kevin is planning to go with me and Titus on his first “mission’s trip.” Please pray through this, Kevin will get a larger vision for the salvation of his people in the Gulf of Papua New Guinea! God’s hand is on him.

Although this has been a prolonged transition up to the mountains, we are not discouraged. Christi and I are learning through this patience and a stronger trust in our Saviour. We know God is working “behind the scenes” to develop us according to His plan and purpose. In spite of our limitations here our Father allows us to be a part of the greatest adventure in the entire universe: the publication of His Word to a lost and dying world. God is enabling us in our weakness to go in His strength!

Currently, all the children are NOT sick. The schools over here are on their Summer break, but we are continuing on. This is to make up for the time of moving over to Papua New Guinea. This past week (Christmas Day to New Years Day) we took off, but will resume this coming week. I (Mark) have a trip into Port Moresby this week and then on up to Kaintiba the following Monday (Lord willing). Once we fly up to do the work on the house, I am not sure of the date of our return to the family in Kerema. Please pray for Christi as she will be looking after the 6 other children without me. This is the hardest part of the ministry for us: being apart from each other. Oh, how we covet your prayer for us!

Christi’s Corner: This past week we cut out Betty Lukens flannelgraph as a family project. The kids were excited to help. Titus is excited by the thought of how many people are going to be saved because of the use of it! Mark is going to take some to the mountains and hopefully get to teach some stories. We appreciate those who gave to give this very valuable tool of teaching the Bible in an illustrated fashion!

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family
PNG Phone: 011-675-72310321


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