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December 2010
Dear Praying Friends,

Since our last newsletter, God has done so much for us and with us. We thank our God for answering our prayers. The most significant one in relation to going to Papua New Guinea is this: our Work Permit application has been officially approved and picked up! By the first week of January 2011, we should be able to send in our application for our visas to the PNG Embassy in Washington, D.C. We pray that this will be approved in a timely manner. If this comes to be, we could be flying out of the United States by mid-February. This has been long awaited for and our anticipation is now becoming a reality. We praise God for His mercy toward us.

In November we finished up a nine week trip on the road. We already mentioned one church in Ohio that took us on for support, but another in Alice, Texas has also entered into our labor for the Lord. Pastor Matt Sandoval and Grace Baptist Church have begun to support us financially, and for this we are grateful. We do not take it for granted all of you that have supported us during this time of deputation.

Since the news has come of the work permit, we have begun setting things in order in preparation to leave. We had already packed three crates to send to Papua New Guinea. These crates were loaded on the ship in November and should arrive in Lae, the third week of January. Bro. Chad Wells will be overseeing the unloading of these and the other crates on this twenty foot container. The contents of our crates will need to be loaded on an airplane that I will charter to deliver the supplies to Kaintiba. The crates were built with materials that will be used in building cabinets after being disassembled. This will help eliminate some of the cost in the building materials in repairing the house that has been given to the Baptist Mission. A chartered flight costs about $2,500.

Another blessing that came recently was the money to buy all the materials to bring “running water” into the house in Kaintiba. When we fly these materials in, we will be able to collect rain water into holding tanks and pump the water in the house for the sinks and tub/shower. We thank God for Pastor Duffet and Bible Baptist Church for this generous love offering. Also, a man from this same church supplied financing for high-speed communication via satellite out in the bush. This will increase our correspondence with our supporting churches, families, and many praying friends. Our main source of power into the house will be solar and secondarily with a diesel generator.

The phone number on our current newsletters is a number that I have secured through Skype [(989) 833-0105], but we can still be reached on my cell # 518-542-5716 until we arrive in Papua New Guinea. Once we get settled in the country I should be able to be reached by the Skype number (Michigan area code) through our internet connection.

I am enclosing our information tri-fold with this newsletter just as a reminder to all of the churches and pastors we have met along the way. We pray that God would direct more churches to partner with us to see another good work spring up in the Bush of Papua New Guinea for the Glory of God. Even a onetime offering would be a great help.

Please Pray for:

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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