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December 2009
Dear Praying Friends,

A new year has once again come upon us…a new day of opportunity God has given to us to love and serve Him. Although this past year was one of the most difficult ones for our family, God was and is always faithful toward us. There have been many of God’s people who have been faithful to continue in support toward us as well. Many of you have prayed for us and we ask you to continue to seek God’s face for us as we wait on the approval of the government officials in Papua New Guinea.

I was able to speak to Mr. John Gray once again on the phone on the 30th of December and inquired again about the work permit. He said their office was closed until the 6th of January, but he would check on it then. He began the process of this paper-work a year ago and it has been a test of patience since then. Apparently, they (the New Guineans) have had problems with the “new” way the documents are handled and have made mistakes that have slowed the process down even for veteran missionaries. Thank you for your patience with us…we know it is God’s interest in our family to put us through times of testing like this to prepare us for future accomplishments.

In November our family was able to be a part of a mission conference in a neighboring town of our home church. The church was Walker Bible Baptist Church in Walker, New York. It was a sweet time and we were able to meet a bunch of new families who have given their lives to Christ and are seeking His will. We thank them once again for their kindness to us.
Another highlight was the opportunity to preach at another church about twenty minutes from where we are staying. We had visited Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church a few times in passing when we were “off the road” and Pastor Britt had me play the trumpet each time we stopped in. This church family has been an encouragement to us during this “time of patience.”

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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