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August 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

This is our newsletter for the months of July and August.  So many blessings to speak of these last 8 weeks.  One of these blessings was on our most recent "missionary journey".  Titus, Samuel, Yonias (our guide) and I set forth to go back to Hawabango.  The last and only time we had gone to Hawabango was over 2 years ago, and with much spiritual opposition.  As we prepared to go again, we prayed earnestly for an open door.  It came through Albert, who's daughters broken leg led to a friendship with him.  My kindness to help his young daughter fly to Kerema for a cast opened his heart to INVITE us to come.  So, we set forth, praying for opportunities to preach the wonderful words of life.  We brought about 100 John and Roman booklets and passed them out along the road leading into Hawabango.  These were all given out in a matter of minutes.....most all before we even made it to the place I preached at the public market.  The preaching at the market was free from opposition and many listened.  Some of Albert’s family heard the preaching.  Later that evening at his house, many questions were asked by them.  The Bible answered ALL of their questions, and with great amazement on their part.  The Light is starting to dawn upon this family!  Albert also told me that 4 other families have invited us to come back and stay with them and teach from the Bible.  Of the 2 nights we stayed with Albert and his family, there was only ONE man who verbally challenged the people of Hawabango to prevent us from coming.  His efforts were futile, and we praise Father for his protection and the LARGE door now open to us.  I plan to return back again to preach the 3rd week of September.  It is only a 7 hour walk away from Kaintiba on a fairly good "road".  Please pray God will open the hearts of many to be saved.

Christi and I were able to "get away" for our (early) anniversary the first week of August.  A quad (4-wheeler) we had sent from the USA had arrived in Ukarampa (Eastern Highlands Province).  This quad and 2 other crates were the perfect excuse to go together and work to get it all unpacked/repacked to have flown to Kaintiba.  Our week out was busy, but managed to get quality time together without all the responsibilities of the home-life.  Christi bought food supplies at the store while I did the crate work.  It would have been hard to get all the work done without Christi being there to help.  Sometimes we have to do weird things on their anniversary to manage all the logistics to accomplish the work.  We had an enjoyable time with only ONE baby, Glory, to care for during this week.

Now, we are back, busy in the normal work in Kaintiba.  Tok Tru (Truth) Baptist Church is only a few baby Christians and many others who have yet to be saved.  Several of these Christians are still contemplating getting baptized.  For some reason(s), this is a great challenge for them.  I just taught another time concerning this......the 3rd time in 2 years!  Only 3 persons have come for baptism so far, for this we praise the Lord.  Please pray for God to reveal to these dear people the purpose of this, and that their testimony will draw others to Christ.

Christi’s Corner: It's exciting as a mom/teacher to watch your kids learn to read.  Serenity is doing Kindergarten.  She is now reading.  I started her after Glory was born so she's not following the traditional school year but she is excited to learn anyways.

Glory is almost sitting up by herself and has rolled over.  She is loved by everyone and there's not a lack of hands to hold her. 

Tabitha is now a senior in high school.  Where has the time gone?  Sadly in PNG her visa is only until she turns 18, though sometimes it can be extended for a year.  We are praying for this and also for God's will and direction for her life.

The last two months have been a very dry time here with little to no rain.  Very unusual in this tropical rain forest.  We ask if you would pray for us to get some rain to refresh the dry ground.

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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