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August 2011
Dear Praying Friends,

It is time for another newsletter to go out to the many who pray for us, and others yet who help us in financial support. Each time our family sends this out to the readers, I stand back and view all the things our God has allowed us to be a part of here in Papua New Guinea. In this reflection, I cannot say many have been saved directly by our presence as yet, but we have been learning the language and the culture. Weekly preaching and teaching of God’s Word has been my primary responsibility, as well as the daily care of the family. But I must admit Christi works the hardest with all the cooking, washing, cleaning, teaching, and everything a mother and wife does in-between. She is a great asset in the ministry, especially playing the piano for the singing and special music at Charity Baptist Church.

The transition to the work in Kaintiba is still in the process. At the end of July, I was able to go up for the first time to work a week with some of the nationals and preach, also. Little by little the supplies are coming together for the “skeletal” house that was given to the Baptist Church. In our absence, Pastor Jecconiah (Watitago Baptist Church) has been sending men to do “bush material” repairs. Many of His church members have entered into this labor in the last year. What a great encouragement they have been, since it has been difficult and costly to send more permanent building materials. They are walking 5 or 6 hours (one way) to bring supplies or just come and work. Both young people and older alike are giving of themselves to see another Baptist Church spring up in the midst of all the paganism here in the Gulf. We are anticipating God to do great things here in Kaintiba with our family hand in hand. There is no higher calling nor labor than this!!

We plan to go up again to Kaintiba the first few days of September to begin putting in some plumbing and other simple construction with the limited supplies we have thus far. I had built the large crates in the USA with half inch plywood to use in the building of cabinets after the crates were disassembled. Now, one year later, it is time to see how this idea will work. This time up to the ”Kaintiba Mission”, we have a three-fold purpose: celebrate Christi and Mark’s 14th year anniversary (August 30), do “re-modeling” on the house, and communicate to the Kaintiba people the ministry God has given to our family. Please pray for this ongoing effort. Lord willing this house will be able to be occupied by our family before the end of January. From now until then we will be busy with chartering at least 2 flights to bring more building materials and supplies, construction, preaching, raising a family, and winning souls!

Christi’s Corner: This month was birthday month in our family. We have 4 birthdays in one week’s time. How do we celebrate them here? Well, we have to plan ahead and get the supplies in the city. Mark’s trip to the city was the week before, so we were able to get the baking supplies. (WOW, 4 birthday cakes in one week?) Actually we had the favorite dessert of each person so we ended up with: dirt pudding, chocolate cake, vanilla cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies with a mix that was actually from the US and sold here! All in all we were blessed and had great birthdays! BEST YET: We still get to receive birthday packages coming (late) in the mail!

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family
PNG Phone: 011-675-72310321


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