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August 2009
Dear Praying Friends,

We must quickly and publicly express our gratitude to God for bestowing another blessing to the Mark Helzerman family. The birth of our seventh child came to pass on August 21, early in the morning (4:00am). Her name is Serenity Faith and her birth weight was 9 pounds. As I hold her in my arms I muse on the thought how helpless a new born baby is. She is dependent wholly upon us as parents to see that she survives and thrives. I think too, how I need God to lead and guide me and our family that we may thrive for His glory. Without a doubt, it is God Who sustains us as we wade through this world of woe.

Christi and I were talking about Papua New Guinea the other day and I said to her that the time was getting close for our departure. So close but still just out of reach. It will really be hard to comprehend the day we climb on board the jet to fly to the country of our calling. It will truly be a day of tears of joy and sorrow: sorrow to see friends and family for the last time, yet joy to go and minister the Grace of our Saviour to those in PNG. We do long for that day as we continue here for Him.

July and August have been fairly busy with a variety of events. The Lord answered one of our prayers in relation to finding a place for this transition time in our lives. The husband of Christi’s doula opened up a place for us to stay. (For the record, a doula is an assistant who provides various forms of non-medical and non-midwifery support.) The “house” is about the size of a one bedroom home, but much larger than the trailer was. After we moved in (two weeks before the baby arrived), I was able to sell the trailer to a friend of ours down in Tennessee. For now I will go to our meetings without a “house on wheels” until the Lord provides something different for us.

Another aspect of our prayer regarding PNG is our visas. We did get an E-mail from our dear missionary friend in Papua New Guinea that the paperwork is still in process. We are getting the paperwork ready on our end to send to the Embassy in Washington, D.C., including Serenity’s passport. As soon as we get her birth certificate back we will send for her passport. We pray this will all be finalized by the end of September so it can be sent in together with the other documents at the appointed time. Our whole family has to get chest x-rays and certain shots, as well as a M.D. to sign a document stating we are in good health. There is much to do as we continue toward the door of our departure.

May God bless your labor of love as you continue for Him. Without our God we are nothing but dust. I praise the Lord for His manifold blessings He bestows upon us each day. Even a simple telephone call from a brother in the Lord has been an encouragement to us. We too, encourage ourselves in the Lord.

Please Pray With Us About and Concerning:

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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