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August 2008
Dear Praying Friends,

Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and tomorrow. He always remains the same, even when the events of time are always in flux. It becomes easy to be careless when things are going good, but when the “economy” starts to fall, we will find out where our faith still lies. I have found myself relying on outside sources at times and the Lord uses these things to put my eyes back on Him. In times like these we must find creative ways to excel for the glory of God.

In light of this, we once again thank our God for the manifold blessings He has graciously bestowed upon us on this deputation trail. It has its time of joy and sorrow, but we rejoice in it all, for He is our peace. Many times over the centuries men have risked their lives and livelihood to bring to me the Word of God in my language. Should not I be willing to do the same? This sure foundation has been laid for us of God to follow in the same to the regions beyond. Our good God has a going gospel.

We are still looking to schedule meetings in December of this year, but the other months are starting to fill in good. Currently our family is at our home church, but in two weeks we are headed to Michigan for our next meeting. We will be able to see my parents again before we head south for some more meetings.

It has been a blessing to spend several weeks back with the people at Old Paths Bible Baptist Church (our home church family). They have been a great encouragement to us during our journey toward Papua New Guinea. Many of them have refreshed us in a variety of ways. There is also so much sacrifice among them toward the giving of the gospel both here and abroad. Through the summer months down in Buffalo, New York we have had a part with their labors on several occasions. It has been a joy to all of us to see the fruits of the planting and watering of the Word of God over the years.

Our preliminary paperwork was sent in a few weeks ago. We trust the Lord that it will arrive safe at last to Bro. John Gray who will begin the process to gain our three-year visas. We will continue to look up toward our redemption and out to the harvest fields that are ripe for reaping.

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family



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