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April 2017

Please continue to pray.  More than anything, seek Father to sustain us.  These last two months (March/April) have been filled with a mix of joy and sorrow.  March was more sorrow than joy, because of the deceit and fraud of the enemy.  One of the key customs of PNG is different forms of treachery employed to get something desirable.   Years ago, cannibalism was the end game, but of recent, multiple reasons are in play.  A form of treachery has been in play against our family for over two years now, and Father has allowed us to become aware of it early.  Hence, we were kept safe through it, but not with some collateral damage.  At the end, whoever was involved to destroy our family made an extreme and false accusation against our son Samuel (15 years old).  Because of the nature of the accusation and the danger it would cause him, I flew with him to the USA, and returned to PNG to finish this phase of the work.  Samuel is safe, and whatever the end game of the "accuser" is, Father has allowed His children to avoid the snare of the avenger.  As a father (and Christi the mother), our hearts sorrow that we are missing some months of time with him.  In it all, Samuel is in good "hands", and being cared for by good friends and extended family.  Pray that he will grow and mature spiritually during this trial.

In the midst of this turmoil,  we found out that God had laid it on the heart of Pastor Folk from our home church to come and visit us.  He (nor we) knew not what was going to come up in the battle at the time he announced his coming.  Oh, what joy filled our heart when the plans began to form for his coming.......and not only he was coming, but his wife Linda, and three young people (Reese, David, and Meghan).   Father put it all together, and so many stories of how God allowed all the details to fall into place.  They arrived safe in Port Moresby (POM) March 10, and spent a few days in ministry with some other missionaries while awaiting the available flight out to the jungle.  We only had 9 short days to spend with them in their coming to Kaintiba (March 15-24).  This was due to the logistics of the flight getting them back into POM a few days for their international flight back to the USA.  Even so, we cherished every moment with them, from the first cup of coffee at 6:00a, to the last devotional at 9:00p.  

We invited 3 national pastors to come for three days to enjoy our time together.  These men and their wives came from their own villages, hours of walking, to experience a new phenomena: PASTOR FOLK!  When they returned back to their own churches, without a doubt the stories were told with enthusiasm of how they were encouraged by Pastor Folk and these unique American Christians. These USA visitors took the time to sit and exchange stories of how they were saved and how they were called into the ministry.   This will forever be etched into their mind......Pastor David, Pastor James Jacob, and Pastor Jechoniah were blessed.

The "icing on the cake" in this story was Caleb Wilson landing in a helicopter and asking Tabitha to marry him.  Caleb has been getting to know Tabitha for over a year now via email/Face Time/phone calls with the intent to marry her.  Well, Caleb was able to finally come to Kaintiba to ask her face to face the question he had been waiting a long time to ask!!  Tabitha agreed, and the date of the upcoming wedding is July 7, 2017!   We have been training Tabitha for this day, and pray she will continue for the Lord in the days with her new husband.  Pray for all the wedding plans, and that their testimony will bring glory to God.  Pray also as they finish deputation together and return to PNG, where God has called Caleb to preach the Gospel.

Our tickets from Australia to the USA have been purchased to come and make final preparation for the wedding.  May 30 is the date of  return, which will also include a furlough to raise some more needed money for the ministry in Papua New Guinea.  This time back in the USA will have many new changes in our family, starting with the wedding.  Please pray for us that each new aspect of change will be to honor God.

Christi’s Corner: While the team was here, I was blessed to get to spend time with Mrs. Folk.  It was a blessing to get know her in a deeper way!  She encouraged me and helped me greatly!  I already appreciated my Pastor and his wife but now there is a greater appreciation for them in my heart!  

My daughter, Hadassah, has been struggling a bit with the transition of Tabitha leaving.  God blessed her when the team came and gave her a new friendship with Meghan.  She and Meghan did much cooking together while the team was here.  They made some delicious food, and had a blast doing it!  I love seeing my 2nd daughter able to take up the slack when Tabitha leaves!

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, Serenity and Glory


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