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April 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

The latest news for these past two months is the construction of our church building.  As we said in the last newsletter, we had leveled the ground and were ready to plant the first post.  Now it is complete and we have been meeting in this new building since the 9th of March.  Even though only one wall was completed by that first Sunday, the roof kept us dry and in the shade from the sun.  Now that this bush church building is completed, more of the bush people in Kaintiba area have started to come.  To come into our house for church was uncomfortable for these bashful mountain people.

Another part of the story of this church building was the "church opening".  This is common here in Papua New Guinea, when a new church is built, people are invited from the community to make the beginning official.  To "dedicate" this building for the Glory of God, we invited Missionary John Allen to come preach for this church opening.  Missionary Matt Allen was able to fly both John and Selina Allen for this event.  It was all over in a few hours, and Matt flew them back to their work in Kotidanga.  In the midst of all this, I was down with malaria, although I tried to participate to the best of my ability.  After leading 2 songs, I was ready to sleep my sickness off some more.  But how could I rest with all the excitement of such an occasion!  It was the afternoon on this Friday (April 18) that I was able to work on the malaria problem again.

After 5 days total of my worse case of malaria, I am back to a normal work load.  It has been great to be back preaching at the market 3 times a week.  Christi is also happy to have her husband back in "the land of the living" again!  We are beginning to finish up these next 2 months (April/May) with full energy as we look to taking leave for furlough.  Furlough will be a totally new adventure......even now, we await to see how Father will provide the way to purchase the tickets to fly across the  Pacific Ocean.  If our Lord lays it upon your heart to give a one time gift toward our furlough needs, please send all monies to Word For The World Baptist Ministry (the address is at the bottom of our letterhead).  Also, make a note in the memo line what it is for (tickets, etc.). 

Also, we are trying to minimize the expense of sending out hardcopies of our newsletters.   Although sending our newsletter to multiple emails has been a challenge since we have been in Kaintiba, we should be able to keep up with it better in the USA while on furlough.  Hopefully, too as we return to Papua New Guinea, we will be able to keep the email copies coming your way.  So if you could, please send a reply to with your name or church name to receive our bi-monthly newsletter.  Also, check out our webpage ( to see pictures of the new church building.

Thank you all for standing with us these many years in our labour to come to PNG and the 3+ years here in this country.  It is a great honour to be a part of the great company who are publishing glad tidings to all people.  Without God stirring up the heart of His people to help us, it would be an even greater challenge for us.

Christi‚Äôs Corner:  Two of our prayer requests for furlough were a vehicle to drive and a place to live.  God answered both those requests in one when a lady from our home church offered us her 41 foot Holiday Rambler RV.  It has 51,000 miles on it and has a diesel Cummins engine!  We are excited about this as we rejoice to see God answering our prayers.  Much the same as Mark and I were able to see God meet our parents needs, so our children are watching God meet our needs as they pray and some even are fasting for these needs.

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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