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April 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

April 17 marked one year that God has allowed our family to serve in Kaintiba, in the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea. Overall, we have been in PNG for more than 25 months, and found our God true to His Word. We have found we can do nothing without His Strength. So many times we have put Christ to the test as He is testing us in our faith, and He has not failed us yet.

One story we have not yet written about, and I would like to tell it to you. It happened during the month of February while our friends the Parfitts were visiting us. Their three sons, me (Mark), Titus, and 4 others went to another valley called Hawabango. It is a large village in a vast open valley, and with a strong Catholic influence. The last hour, as we entered the valley to walk down into it, we encountered a great spiritual opposition and an oppressive spirit. Our accommodations ended up being an old (bush) Assembly of God church building…on the ground with some hay and mats. That night, a presence of an evil spirit troubled us at midnight. After a season of prayer, we slept until morning time. There is a great need for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Hawabango. Please pray for some laborers to relocate to this place, so that the Light might cast out the darkness. I am praying that a trained national pastor would be called and submit to go to this dark place, even in the midst of possible persecution. It is an 8 hour walk from our house in Kaintiba.
Due to several factors, and ultimately God’s plan, our scheduled flight to Lae was delayed. This was to make our 2-month supply run, so we postponed it until the last week of April. I will now go to Port Moresby to get these much needed supplies and “coins” for the “veggies” we buy at the Kaintiba market. Even though we are stretching our last 2-months supply into 11 weeks, God has sent many “ravens” to sustain our cash and food supply. One way God has given us some “cash” is by us typing some letters and documents for local nationals who are going out to look for work or applying for grant money. We cannot copy anymore since the copy part of our 3 in 1 HP printer is not working now. Since the printing part of this machine still works, we can type the document and print it out for them. This amounts to about $3 per paper, which is about one day of “market veggies”. We thank the Lord for this avenue of supply out here in the bush of Papua New Guinea.

In just 7 months our family will start the reapplication process for another three-year work visa. Please pray with us as we are approaching this time very quickly. We do not foresee any problems with this, but to us it is already a matter of prayer. The work here in Kaintiba is just starting to grow (like a little infant), and has really become a part of our family. It is ultimately in God’s Hands, but He has left us the care and responsibility of this small work. The next time we are planning and praying about going to the USA (on furlough) is mid-2014.

Christi’s Corner: The ladies meetings have been going very well. We just had the 3rd one last Saturday. After Jamie’s message on women being in submission, I have spoken on child training and then on salvation. We open it up to the public. I have Catholics, Lutherans, Evangelicals and of course Baptists. I wanted to be very clear about salvation from the Bible. The ladies listened intently and were very receptive, though no one was saved. I am thankful for the chance to plant the seeds.

I have also been busy with a literacy class. Two women are in the class. They are doing well. This of course is in addition to homeschooling. I have 2 kindergartners. It can get confusing doing blend ladders in 2 languages! I sometimes mix up the vowel sounds!

For His Glory,
Mark and Christi Helzerman
Tabitha, Titus, Samuel, Hadassah,
Grace, Hope, and Serenity
PNG Phone: 011-675-723-10321


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