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April 2012
Dear Praying Friends,

We have arrived!  To Kaintiba, that is.  We still have much work ahead of us, but the whole Mark Helzerman family is together here now and settling in to the ministry here.  We have held Sunday services for two weeks, already.  The first Sunday, twelve people came and now this past Sunday (April 29), twenty-eight came.  I have been “forced” to communicate/preach in Tok Pisin now.  Even in this, we find we are able to reach less than half of the population here, so now we take on a new challenge: the local language!  Hamtai is much more complex than English and not commonly taught.  This will really be a “life-long” endeavor as our family labors among the people here.

Right now it is a mix of doing repairs on the house…putting up walls, putting in ceilings, building beds (all furniture) - and continuing in different ministry areas.  The first day we flew here to Kaintiba, we were asked to hold the Baptist Religious Instruction (RI) class.  So every Tuesday, we have one hour to go into the Primary School to teach/preach to all the children that come from Baptist family background.  WOW!  I am happy in the service of the King!  We go to bed every night weary…but not “weary in well doing”, only “dog-tired”!

This past week, in two days time, I was asked by three different people to come to another “town” to start a Baptist Church.  We have not even gotten settled here completely and the cry for the truth is heard loud and clear in my ear.  Would you please continue to pray that God would continue to send forth laborers?  It is a great need to train young men here to go to other places.  So as we settle here, we are already in prayer about another church in Hawabago.  Land is there already for a church building, but a man is needed to go and gather these lost sheep into the Fold with the Good Shepherd.  The earliest I personally will be able to scout it out would probably be August. Please pray for wisdom concerning this, and that we would not lose this great opportunity to expand the Gospel witness of our Great God…He is Worthy!

Another area to pray concerning this new ministry is land to be acquired for a church building to be built on.  As the group that is gathering in our house for preaching continues to grow, we soon will out-grow the “house-church”.  Our prayer is to see the people get under this burden and do their part to see God use them to accomplish this in due time.  There are about six other different religions and churches, but this is the first Baptist Church.  Since this is a small area, to some here, there is no need of another “denomination”.  But it is evident there is a great draught of the TRUTH.  Men’s ideas and doctrines have left these people chained even the more in darkness and sin.  We seek for God’s Wisdom as we labor in this small field with its many challenges.  We have no boring moments.  Every day holds something new for us.

Christi’s Corner:The children are adapting well to all the new adjustments.  It rains every day here which is more than in Kerema.  Serenity (our 2 year old) says to me the first day when it rained, “It’s happily raining!” :)

Another adjustment has been having the only power, being our generator on a few hours each day.  One day Hope (4 years old) says,” Is the power out?”  The last few months in Kerema we had many power outages.  The Lord was getting us prepared for the move to the mountains.  All in all we are adjusting well and happy to be here at our long awaited goal!

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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