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April 2011
Dear Praying Friends,

For those that may not know yet, our family has safely arrived into Papua New Guinea. The last letter was sent out of Papua New Guinea, so this means that this (current) letter may reach you all before the last letter. The reason I am saying this, is since we have settled here in Kerema (Gulf Province) the normal flights for bringing mail in and out “dried up” for a while. At the end of April, they told me at the post office that the letters I had dropped off to go out in March had just left to go to Port Moresby (over four weeks later). That’s PNG for you. I was only planning to send it out that one time from here for obvious reasons--not counting the extra cost.

There have been many obstacles that have come already, but Father has been faithful to bring us through. Although Christi and I have been here before, it has been a brand new experience for both of us with the whole gang. After spending four days in Port Moresby upon our arrival, we took our last flight into Kerema Town. That was the conclusion of over 24 hours of flying. This does not include the time spent rushing hand in hand with the family to catch all the connecting flights.
But now we are here in the midst of God’s will and God’s work. Our Saviour has already shown us that He is still interested in the souls of these New Guineans. In the midst of all the preaching and teaching, God has allowed us to be in the spiritual “delivery room” of the new birth of several people. Even one of our own, Titus made sure of his salvation. Praise the Lord! This has been one of the greatest prayer points Christi and I have had since we were married: “Lord, please save our children early.”

I have had to go back into Port Moresby twice now since the family has settled in Kerema. On the second time in, someone broke into the car I was using and stole my backpack (inside was a brand new MAC laptop from the USA). Pastor Tau, of Shalom Baptist Church was with me at the time. We had been in the bank during this incident, opening up an account. Later on, we found out that two men had come to the car, broke the window, opened the door, and pulled the lever for the trunk and walked off with the bag. This was told to us by a by-stander, as it was done in broad daylight. He said because he was only one against two, he did nothing about it. Although it was a disappointment to us, God reminded me of this one verse: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) He is in control.

Christi’s Corner: Watching the kids learn a second language is fun, especially when you already know the language! The people here get a kick out of the children repeating the Pidgin phrases. They especially love Serenity as she has her own “tok ples”. I tell them that I can’t even understand all that she says. She sure seems to know what she’s saying. :) All in all the language learning aspect is coming along fine.

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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