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April 2010
Dear Praying Friends,

It is truly a glorious thought that my Redeemer liveth. Though man may fail and kingdoms will fall, we can put our faith and confidence in the One who is faithful and true. I must realize that it is God who asks us to wait as well as says go. Our Lord doeth all things well and we will be content in Him.

The pidgin word “wantok”, is the generic local term for “tribe” or “clan”. It derives from “one-talk,” and indicates people who speak the same language. Members of wantoks have very strong social obligations towards each other. They are obliged to assist and support other members of the group and to share material goods. The positive aspects of this arrangement are that it provides a cultural and linguistic identity, and a support network in times of difficulty. On the other hand, obligations to one’s `wantok‘ follow a person into public life. The instinct to `look after one’s own’ are not easily set aside and the result is a tendency towards patronage which many Papua New Guineans would not regard as improper.

You may wonder why I have put this thought in this month’s newsletter. It has to do with the wait on the documentation for our visas to enter Papua New Guinea. Currently, the development of an energy company is being established in the country ( This project is estimated at a 15 billion dollar cost. This has caused a large increase of persons entering PNG...nearly 9,000. Those of these that are coming into PNG that have connections with citizens bribe them to go to their wantoks in the government to have their visa paperwork done in a timely manner. All other visa paperwork they have been processing is put aside to fulfil their obligation to their wantoks.

Our prayer is that our Heavenly Father (our Wantok, Christ Jesus) will see that our work permit will be granted soon. In the mean time we continue in our other responsibilities of deputation and faithfulness to the work of the Lord. There truly is much to do out of love for our God. One of the many things we rejoice in is that, although God does not “need” us, He still allows us to have a part in His work.

We praise the Lord for Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Sanborn, New York, for taking our family on for monthly support. This was one of several churches we had a part in Mission Conferences with recently. Without the help of these local churches, lost souls would not be reached around the world for the glory of God. Our Saviour is worthy for all to hear of the price that was paid at Calvary.

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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