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April 2009
Dear Praying Friends,

Yes, I know. It was a BIG error in our last letter (February). I did not intentionally place the word “God” in front of Pastor Thompson’s name. Hopefully this mistake will not happen again. Thank you all for having grace with me as I confess this my fault. It truly was a humbling experience. This has been a reminder to me how frail I am and feeble as dust. Now…forgetting those things which are behind, we press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God.

God, in His rich mercy, has continued to sustain us in His Word as we trust in His wisdom. When our family started out on this venture, we would have turned back long ago had we known all the obstacles. Yet, day by day and with each passing moment, strength we find to meet our trials here. I see, though, that we have it so “easy” compared to our brethren in other God-forsaken countries. Not that God has forsaken them, but that they have forsaken God. Their leadership then turns and persecutes those within their control who are born of God. Just read the letters of those ministering in countries like Vietnam and China and you will see.

Another humbling experience our family had recently was being pulled over by a police officer. Christi and I were talking about our dear friends the Snyders who are now in New Zealand. As I was driving we were talking about them driving on the opposite side of the road. During our discussion of the challenges of driving a car in a foreign country, I forgot to pay attention to my own driving situation and ran a red light. Praise the Lord the police officer gave me mercy and only gave me a warning. This, in turn, gave me the opportunity to show my children how God has given mercy to us, but on such a larger scale. Our Saviour is worthy to be proclaimed to every generation in every nation.

With this thought in mind, it was a great pleasure to be a part of a few souls to come to the Lord in late March. While at Harbor Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina there was a hand full of men and my son Titus that went to a house on visitation. The mother let us in. She, with her two older daughters and one young son, listened intently to the Gospel story. While one man was expounding the word of God to them, I was in silent prayer for the sweet Holy Ghost to convict them. These four humbly bowed in prayer before the throne of God and were born again. After this he began to once again (from the beginning) expound the Scriptures to an older son who came in during the first time through. This young man had been shot with a gun within a few months leading up to this day and had recovered from surgery. He also accepted Christ as his Saviour. The Lord truly had prepared the hearts of this family. Please pray for the father to be saved as well. He was within ear shot for most of this conversation as he was preparing food in the kitchen. May this be….

Please Pray With Us About and Concerning:

For His Glory,
Mark Helzerman and Family


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