Eating dinner when the power goes out in Kerema!     Looking down on the Kaintiba government station...our house (not seen) is on this side of the air-strip. We have to climb up here to call out on our mobile phone!

Five Little Flowers   The Helzerman Family  Mom and Baby Serenity

Two Strong Protectors.   Big Sister with Serenity

Our newest child: Serenity Faith Helzerman

Serenity's brith weight  Mommy and Serenity  All the children  Daddy and Serenity

Midwife and Serenity  Doula and Serenity  Hope, Grace and Serenity  Tabitha and Serenity

Mark and a PNG man.   Mark with a few getting baptized.  David Helzerman in PNG.  John, Mary Gray, serving in Kerema, PNG (Gulf Province).

Jerry and his wife, Cliff Taylor, Jorim, and Mark.  Joshua, a man who is not saved.  An old woman.  At a SING-SING, souls in need of the Saviour.

A few young men.


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